Grooming Smocks - Color Variety, Apparel, Black/Turquoise, 3XL, Ry Enterprises

  • Grooming Smocks - Color Variety, Apparel, Black/Turquoise, 3XL, Ry Enterprises
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Ry Enterprises

Our smocks are: Professional-looking.

Extremely breathable.

Quick to dry.

Deep Pockets.

High Quality Fabrics.

Although these are NOT hair-resistant like our FuRResist line, these are a hot item still due to all of the other attributes and affordability.

Read on...

We have all experienced this before (some are STILL experiencing it):

You are working your tail off in a grooming salon or grooming van.

It is starting to get warm and/or you get wet from the bath you just gave your client.

Your smock starts STICKING to your body - UGH! This only causes you to feel claustrophobic and sweat even more.

Sure, the fabric may keep hair off completely, but how is this comfortable?

There are also smocks out there that are super stylish and comfortable, but they stay soaked if they get wet and are not really functional for grooming at all.

We have found a solution that the industry is raving about! We introduce to you the Loyalty Pet Products grooming smock! Made with a super comfortable micro-stretch fabric, this stylish smock will allow you to be flexible, dry, AND cool in those hot moments!

SIZE CHART: The size chart provided is NOT circumference - it is when the smock is laid flat on a surface and measured horizontally and vertically due to a distributor's specific requests.

The small and medium run true to size and the large-3xl run a bit larger. If you have a larger chest, we recommend sizing up.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gentle/Delicate Wash Low.


This care will allow for the length of life of your smock to endure!

All of our apparel and grooming accessories come with a 14 day trial period from date of purchase, for which you may receive a full refund upon inspection and accompanied with a printout of your receipt.

  • Color:Black/Turquoise
  • Size:3XL
  • Pack of:1