TiBR Carabiner - Titanium & Brass Carabiner, Key Chains, Thoriam Tactical

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Thoriam Tactical

The TiBR Carabiner is inspired by the Architecture of the Roman Empire, their Warriors and the Tiber river that flows from Tuscany into Rome.
Strong, Stoic, Enduring and Anti-corrosive to stylishly carry your gear securely mission after mission.
The unique arch shape echos a form found throughout the Empire in their Architecture, from the Colosseum to aqueducts that spanned 100's of miles.
Not only for your keychain, the TiBR works great as an improvised zip-pull...or even a zipper lock when your traveling or moving from Point A to Point B.

While wearing your backpack people may be able to unzip your bag while it's on your person.
Use a TiBR carabiner as a zipper lock make it much more difficult to allow pick-pockets and thieves to access your belongings without YOU NOTICING while your on the move enjoying life.

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